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Microfiber Wet Mob Narrow


Meet the Ceyclean Microfiber Mop, a customer-favorite cleaning tool that can tackle any space, from well-furnished offices to large production facilities. This 100% Microfiber fabric mop is ideal for sensitive cleaning and disinfecting tasks. Its advanced design allows for easy movement across any surface.

Using mop products is different than using other surface cleaners, as they have a unique cloth structure and cleaning bucket. The bucket of cleaning mop products usually comes with a squeezing apparatus, which allows for more hygienic cleaning by removing excess water from the cloth.

To use the Ceyclean Microfiber Mop, start by adding a sufficient amount of water to the cleaning bucket and optionally adding detergent. Dip the cloth mop apparatus, located at the end of an aluminum or wooden stick, in the detergent water in the bucket and pass it through the spin pedal. The mop will release excess water, becoming ready to be applied to the surface. Repeat this process after each application of the mop to the surface.

After cleaning, you can wash the cloth by separating it from the apparatus and leaving it to dry if desired. At Ceyclean, we offer numerous types of mops that make cleaning even rough surfaces easy. Even if you already have a mop set, consider choosing Ceyclean when you need to renew equipment such as mop apparatus, mop cloth, or squeezing bucket.

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