Rotating Head Cleaning Set

Rotating Head Cleaning Set


The Ceyclean Rotary Head Cleaning Set is an essential tool for homes, offices, and small workplaces with less intensive use. This high-quality set includes a bucket, microfiber mop, and handle, all designed for easy use and ergonomic comfort. With bionic technology, the force required to squeeze the mop is reduced by half, making cleaning a breeze. Plus, the mop absorbs less water, so floors can dry up to 25% faster. The durable and long-lasting Ceymop Professional products provide fast and effective cleaning on floors that are not used intensively.

The bucket included in the set is designed with safety in mind, featuring no sharp corners and an easy-to-store design. The mop handle is made of force-resistant plastic and is soft and comfortable to use. The squeezing strainer is made of flexible materials that are highly resistant to applied force.

This cleaning set is ideal for removing stains and dirt on floors in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, doorways, and hallways. It dries quickly, and thanks to the bucket’s ample water capacity, you can finish cleaning in no time. Plus, it leaves no threads or dust on the surface.

The Ceyclean Rotary Head Cleaning Set is constructed with high-quality plastic, ensuring long-lasting durability against force and squeezing. Choose from a wide range of Ceyclean products that are designed and produced with quality and convenience in mind. Whether for home, office, restaurant, or other areas, you can trust Ceyclean to meet all of your cleaning needs.

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273x270x485  mm


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